NPV provides economic analysis services to promote project benefits, secure IDA inducements and assess economic, fiscal and demographic impacts. Services provided to private and municipal clients include fiscal/school impact analysis; community service impact assessment; demographic studies; construction/occupancy job creation; beneficial economic “ripple” effect; market and niche market studies; and regional/generic, fiscal/economic studies. NPV economic planning expertise can be integrated into economic development strategies, downtown/regional revitalization, project feasibility, mixed-use project scenarios, community development and assistance programs and needs assessments.

NPV provides the following economic planning services:

  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Market Studies
  • Comprehensive Economic Development Plans
  • IMPLAN and RIMS II Economic Impact Modeling
  • School District / Community Service Impact Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Niche Market Analysis
  • Demographic Studies
  • Sales Tax Impact Analysis
  • Tax Base Analysis
  • Leakage Analysis
  • IDA Financing Assistance
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

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