Canoe Place Inn and Hampton Boathouses

Project Location: Hampton Bays, NY
Client: R Squared Development LLC

The Canoe Place Inn (CPI) has a longstanding history and serves as an important part of the character of the Hampton Bays community. The rehabilitation the formerly vacant CPI included synergistic uses on the site reminiscent of its history, working together to draw interest for destination weddings, charity events, business conferences and other special events.

NPV prepared full SEQRA services including a Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as well as a Supplemental EIS due to project changes. In the 2014 preparation of the DEIS, NPV prepared a Fiscal Impact Analysis and Assessment of Needs and Benefits for the Canoe Place Inn and Hampton Boathouses properties. The study examined and quantified the beneficial impacts to the local school district as well as the generation of annual property tax revenues. Moreover, the analysis projected the economic impacts – on output, employment and labor income – during both the construction period and annually, upon a stabilized year of operations of the rehabilitated CPI and residential project components. NPV also prepared a Residential Market Analysis for the Hampton Boathouses property on Shinnecock Canal. The analysis analyzed the relationship between the demand for, and supply of, comparable residential developments and ultimately, quantified the amount and type of housing units that could be supported by the target market – including both those for year-round residents and seasonal residents.

In 2019, NPV prepared a Market Feasibility Analysis for CPI, for submission to the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (SCIDA) for tax deferral and other financial assistance. The analysis examined the demand for CPI, the local and regional tourism market and forecasted growth, and determined that CPI will establish a tourism destination that is likely to attract a significant number of visitors from outside the economic development region, and therefore eligible for SCIDA assistance.

NPV completed hydrologic studies involving installation of groundwater dataloggers in wells installed on the property. Wells were monitored for 1-month to determine water level changes resulting due to the influence of tidal fluctuations. Full State and Town wetland permit services were prepared for the canal front portion of the property, including permitting of revetment reconstruction, installation of a public access dock platform, marina configuration and upland improvements.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis
  • IMPLAN Economic Impact Modeling
  • School District/Community Service Impact Analysis
  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • IDA Financing Assistance
  • Groundwater/Hydrologic Study
  • Wetland Permitting