Town of Tuxedo Reserve Development Review

Project Location: Tuxedo, NY
Client: Town of Tuxedo

For the Town of Tuxedo, NPV and its partners have been involved in the ongoing review of one of the largest planned developments in Orange County, Tuxedo Farms (formerly Tuxedo Reserve), a proposed 1,195 unit planned development located on 2,450 acres surrounding the Village of Tuxedo Park, that also includes a small neighborhood center as well as a location for office/light industrial development. The project is regulated by a form-based code that was developed specifically for this project and is an integral component of the special use permit granted to the project. It is located in the midst of Sterling Forest State Park, and the project has been evaluated continuously for its the potential impacts to the environment. The residential community and a neighborhood center would be located on the Southern Tract, one of the three tracts comprising the landholding, with an area set aside on the Northern Tract for nonresidential uses. As part of the special use permit that was granted, the Developer committed to protecting open space and has transferred ownership of large segments of the property to the Town of Tuxedo and the Village of Tuxedo Park as open space. NPV has been involved in the ongoing SEQRA, site plan and special use permit review, as well as amendments, to this large planned development. Several of the firm’s partners have been involved in the review of this project for over 20 years.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Site Plan Review
  • Subdivision Review
  • SEQRA Review
  • Form-Based Code
  • Municipal Board Representation
  • Land Use/Zoning Analysis