Town of Hyde Park Pinewoods Rezoning- Form- Based Code

Project Location: Hyde Park, NY
Client: Town of Hyde Park

For the Town of Hyde Park, NPV completed zoning amendments to create a new Town Center zoning district which encompasses the Town’s existing suburban neighborhood and Route 9 commercial corridor centered at Albany Post Road and Pine Woods Road. The area has been developed primarily as a series of conventional strip shopping centers. The Town was awarded grant monies to pursue sewer installation and is now looking to revitalize the Pine Woods area into a higher density, mixed-use downtown which would serve as a center for the community. As the zoning amendments evolved, the Town determined that it wanted to regulate building form, and to a lesser extent land use types. To that end, NPV prepared Design Standards which incorporate a regulating plan that govern building types by Town Center subareas. It also includes a set of architectural standards based on visual preference exercises that will guide future development and define the types and styles of buildings the Town seeks to encourage.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Planning & Zoning Analysis
  • Form Based Code
  • Design Guidelines
  • GIS Mapping & Analysis
  • Community Engagement
  • Zoning Code Analysis