Stormwater Abatement in the Village of Sag Harbor

Project Location: Sag Harbor, NY
Client: Town of East Hampton

NPV and N+P have been retained by the Town of East Hampton to provide engineering and design of a construction project to address non-point stormwater source abatements and reduction of stormwater with the use of green infrastructure improvements along Bay Avenue and Terry Drive within the Village of Sag Harbor. The project area is adversely impacted by stormwater runoff with flooding and more importantly water quality concerns for the harbor. The Town of East Hampton has awarded a grant to address these issues. The project team will provide working solutions to address the goals of the project through green infrastructure stormwater management practices using a combination of structural (pervious pavement) and natural (rain garden) techniques in order to establish a more appropriate and functional interface between the natural resources of Sag Harbor and the transportation of nutrients and pollutants from the roadway systems. The overall project is expected to have significant benefits in reducing pollutant load to Sag Harbor and will improve aesthetics and function of the existing road infrastructure. The projects will be evaluated with monitoring equipment to quantify pollutant load reductions achieved by the green infrastructure systems.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Drainage
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Green Infrastructure Education & Training
  • Municipal Stormwater Planning & MS4 Compliance
  • Rain Garden Design & Installation
  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Sustainable Landscape Design
  • Watershed Management Plans
  • Wetlands Permitting