Shelter Island Watershed Management Plan

Project Location: Shelter Island, NY
Client: Town of Shelter Island (funded by NYSDOS)

The Town of Shelter Island and Village of Dering Harbor retained NPV to prepare a watershed management plan for the entirety of the island.  The plan was funded by a grant from the NYSDOS and developed according to NYSDOS guidelines for watershed management plans. This document characterizes the watershed’s natural resources, identifies known impairments, inventories existing land uses and open space, provides a comprehensive stormwater infrastructure inventory, determines critical stormwater runoff areas, identifies gaps in existing local laws, programs and practices, recommends actions to prevent further degradation, as well as identifies an implementation strategy to restore the watershed.  Recommendations considered non-point source pollution from runoff and sanitary systems, as well as methods for remediation of a phosphorus impaired pond. Development of the plan included public participation and outreach to the local community.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Watershed Management Plans
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Water Resources / Watersheds
  • Municipal Stormwater Planning & Compliance
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices
  • Planning
  • GIS Mapping & Analysis