Environmental Scientists are a Class of their Own!

Posted May 1, 2024 In News

NPV’s team of Environmental Scientists are a class of their own!

They specialize in activities involving natural resources and naturalized environments. Whether working in the field studying, observing or assessing plants, animals, water, soils or general habitat/ecosystems, or in the office researching and developing technical documents and reports, they are passionate about understating and applying the balance between development activities and preservation opportunities. Their special skillsets, to name a few, include coastal resiliency and stabilization, living shorelines, native habitat restoration, wetland protection and delineations, invasive plant and animal management, green infrastructure and stormwater management alternatives, tree inventory, endangered/threatened species monitoring, dredging, pollinator initiatives, and general sustainability implementation. They ensure projects conform with environmental principles and comply with local, State, and Federal regulatory laws.

Our Environmental Scientists enjoy learning new and exciting methods daily, developing and enhancing critical skills, and helping public and private clients achieve project goals while making a meaningful impact on the planet.

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