Town of Southampton Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District Form-Based Code

Project Location: Hampton Bays, NY
Client: Town of Southampton

In 2016, the Town of Southampton sought to develop a consensus vision for the future look, feel and function of the Hampton Bays Central Business District. The Town and Hampton Bays community worked to imagine how the Village Business (VB) zoning district would evolve over time into a more-vibrant, attractive and successful mixed-use commercial center. The goal was to create a rich central business atmosphere that was pedestrian and bicycle friendly and would foster a desirable sense of place for businesses to thrive and an enhanced quality of life for residents to enjoy. Through a community outreach campaign consisting of multiple public workshops with local residents, business owners and landowners, online surveys and interviews with various community groups, the Town was able to develop the goals and vision for Downtown Hampton Bays which culminated in the adoption of the “Pattern Book for Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District.” The Pattern Book, which built off previous comprehensive planning efforts by the Town, including the Hampton Bays Corridor Strategic Plan and Hampton Bays Cumulative Impact of Buildout Study GEIS, provided the foundation and framework for the Town to draft implementing legislation known as the “Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District Form Based Code.” The form-based code contained numerous zoning, architectural, landscaping, greenspace, parking, and sustainability standards to support a mix of essential land uses that would stimulate economic activity, create jobs, and provide diverse housing opportunities. However, the Town first needed to conduct a thorough environmental review of the Overlay District and Form-Based Code to ensure that potential environmental impacts were identified and mitigated to the maximum extent practicable as required by SEQRA, and that the long-range prospects for the Downtown were viable, beneficial, and consistent with the community’s vision.

NPV and affiliate Nelson + Pope were hired to assist the Town in its review of the Overlay District and Form-Based Code, including preparation of a Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS), Traffic Impact Study, Market Study, 10-Year Theoretical Build Analysis, and SEQRA Findings Statement. The environmental review included close cooperation with the Town and extensive outreach with community service providers and regulatory agencies. The SGEIS would ultimately yield numerous standards and mitigation measures, identify preliminary infrastructure needs for future development, and identify the necessary revisions and amendments to improve the form based code. NPV assisted in the preparation of a SEQRA Findings Statement for the environmental review, which led to the successful adoption of the Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District and Form Based Code by the Southampton Town Board on February 25, 2020.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Form Based Code
  • Land Use/Zoning Analysis
  • Natural Resource Survey
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Parking Study
  • Market Studies
  • Fiscal and Economic Analysis
  • Build Out Analysis
  • School District/Community Service Impact Analysis
  • Preliminary Infrastructure Needs Analysis